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Taking a hike for Cancer Research

July 11, 2019

A good news story from the Dublin Ohana …

In what was their biggest VTO event so far this year, a 150 strong team from the Dublin Ohana hiked 18km across the most scenic stretch of the Wicklow Way on July 4th to raise money for Breakthrough Cancer Research.

  • They hiked 18km.
  • Climbed 2,411 feet above sea level, or the equivalent of 188 floors.
  • Took 27,000 steps.
  • Burned 1,300+ calories
  • Logged 1,200 VTO hours
  • With 150 Salesforce hikers.
  • On 1 amazing day for Breakthrough Cancer Research
  • And to date they have raised €13,500. You can help them raise more here.


Organiser Ed Hurrell says: “I chose to support Breakthrough Cancer Research with this event because in recent years cancer has taken two people in my wider family. Also from organising this event the past two years, I learned that so many of my colleagues families’ had been affected too”.

“Sadly, most families are affected by cancer in some way. Current statistics say that 1 in 2 of us will get cancer at some point in our lives. By helping this charity to research innovative ways to increase cancer survival rates, we can play our part in ensuring a brighter outlook for ourselves and our loved ones”.


This year the event has already raised €13,500 before matching, if you’d like to help us boost that number, please donate here.

Thanks also to our sponsors Financial Force and Ignyto for supporting the event.

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